Chris Cakes Inc.

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We're not just making pancakes anymore!

Chris Cakes is world famous for our wonderful pancakes, but did you know that we also offer additional menu items? Check out our menu page to learn more...


The Chris Cakes story began in Pocahontas, Iowa in the late 1960's. We use our own brand of pancake mix that was developed especially for Chris Cakes. Only the finest ingredients go into the recipe. We cater any event including fund raisers, open houses, benefits, grand openings...the list is endless! We are now nationwide and have the ability to feed groups from 350 to 50,000. Your volunteers assist with the setup, serving, and cleanup while we prepare all the pancakes you can eat! The current record stands at 72 pancakes! Think you can beat it?

We use a custom designed grill and dispensing unit that allows us to feed large and small groups extremely fast and efficiently. Add a dose of humor and some fancy pancake flipping, and you have a one of a kind event that people love to watch while enjoying our delicious pancakes! Check out or events page for some fun event ideas!

Look at those fabulous flapjacks!


Did you know that Chris Cakes holds multiple world records? We hold the record for the most pancakes flipped in an hour as well as the highest pancake toss, to name a few. Have an idea for another world record challenge? Let us know about it!